Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner

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Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner
Regulärer Preis €47,95


1. Ultrasonic technology: The Electric Dental Scaler utilizes high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations to effectively remove stubborn stains, plaque, and tartar from your teeth, providing a deep and thorough clean.

2. Safe and gentle: The non-invasive and gentle nature of this oral cleaning tool makes it suitable for all users, including those with sensitive teeth and gums.

3. Easy to use: 360 ° ambient light he user-friendly design of this Electric Dental Scaler ensures a comfortable and hassle-free dental care experience, suitable or use at home or on the go.

4. Efficient oral cleaning: This powerful tooth cleaner provides a comprehensive cleaning solution, reaching areas that traditional brushing and flossing may miss, promoting better oral health.

5.Durable and waterproof: Made from high-quality materials, this dental scaler is designed to withstand daily use, while its waterproof design ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.


Material: Aluminum magnesium alloy+ABS+PC

Color: White

Battery: 500mAH

Input voltage: 5V

Working principle: ultrasonic generator, transducer

Power outage protection:10min

Dear friends, our product is very hot selling,now let me answer some questions from the buyers.

Q:The product doesn't vibrate after turn it on?

A:The product adopts ultrasonic technology, and the product itself won't vibrate after it is turned on.You need to install the cleaning head, use a small wrench to tighten the cleaning head.When the product touches hard objects such as wrenches, teeth, etc, it will make a sound, indicating that the product is vibrating.No sound or vibration when the product touches soft objects such as skin and gums

Q: Cannot be turned on, cannot be charged, doesn't vibrate, missing accessories

A:When you encounter similar problems, please don't open dispute and don't give bad feedbck in advance.Please contact us Immediately, if the product has quality problems, we promise to resend a new product for you.

Q:No effect after using the product?

A:The vibration frequency of our product is within the safe range and will not cause damage to tooth enamel.Please charge the product for 2 hours to maintain sufficient power.Some buyers do not have a serious plaque problem and it is hard to see it by eyes.There is a lot of saliva in the mouth, and the shed plaque may have mixed with the saliva.Please brush your teeth after use.Keep using it and your teeth will be very clean.

Additional Notes:

1.The product preset 10 minutes automatic shutdown function to prevent overheating

2.The product cannot be turned on during charging, please unplug the charging cable, then long press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on

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