Nail Dust Collector

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Plugs Type: US PLUG (100-110V)
Color: Silver

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Nail Dust Collector
Nail Dust Collector
Regulärer Preis €56,95


1. New upgraded version. Specialized fan with stronger suction power and lower noise level. Uses high-density filter meshfor more eco-friendly and reusable design. Features user-friendly design, takes up less space for everyday nail salonuse.

2. 2 IN 1.With a detachable body, you can have two types of collector: desktop and embedded.

3. Pull fine filter.Replace traditional vacuum bag with a high-density filter, no leak dust, saves space, and can quickly adsorb nail dust and nail debris.Easy to clean and reusable.

4. Super Suction.Extra-large specialized turbine, specially designed for manicure, 13W power, strong adsorption capacity, even ultra-fine dust particles will be sucked away.It can compete with best-selling 80W table nail collector in the market.

5. Fit for All Manicure Tables.No more worries about table thickness. Professionally designed and repeatedly tested to ensure practicality without affecting suction power.

6. Stable, Durable and One button switch. The bottom features plenty of vent, continuous heat dissipation, effectively extending service life.Simple buttons, easy to operate, away from tedious.



Item type: Nail dust suction

Voltage: 110-240V 50Hz/60Hz

Power: 13W

Maximum suction load: 156g

Weight: 622g

Size: 18*18*8.5cm/7.1*7.1*3.3in

Product Include

1* Nail dust suction

1* Filter screen

1* Adapter

1* Manual

1* Box

How to use

1. Connect the power supply to the socket

2. First press ON/OFF button to turn on the nail dust suction

3. Put your hand in the middle of the machine to polish your nails

4. Use your nail brush to clean the nails on the device

5. Remove and clean the reusable filter

Clean the Filter

1. Clean by an air dryer

2. Clean by a nail dust brush

3. Do not wash with water

4. Replace the filter every 3-4 months


1. Do not disassemble or repair the machine without authorization to avoid the risk of use;

2. When cleaning the dust on the filter of the machine, please disconnect the power supply and clean it after taking it out;

3. Do not let liquids and acidic chemicals contact the machine;

4. Please use the adapter provided with this machine. Misuse may cause potential safety hazards.


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